International Conference Tours

Child Life Technology  will be conducting a full day of tech workshops detailing integration of available technology and solutions in use today within the child life practice. Come, meet us and share your ideas at 

McGill University Children's Hospital, Montreal, Canada on November 5th

Child Life at UN Education Summit

United Nations summit for members and NGOs (non-governmental organizations), The 54th Session of the Commission for Social Development, by representatives of the Rutgers Preparatory School, Child Life Technology,, and distinguished leaders within the child life profession: Toni Millar, Deborah Vilas, and Amanda Moatz. The 90 minute panel presentation showcased use of technology in the hands of experienced and trained child life and special needs professionals toward meeting the needs of clients and their families. The panel presented an introduction to the child life profession and opportunities ranging from within the clinical setting to diverse applications. 

Child Life Council 33rd Annual Conference on Professional Issues

The CLC Annual Conference on Professional Issues is the premier educational experience for child life professionals. Each year, child life specialists from all over the world gather for a diverse array of high-quality, timely and relevant conference sessions catered to all professional levels.  As the largest gathering of child life specialists of the year, the Annual Conference offers ample opportunities for both formal and informal networking with your peers. 

DPI/NGO Briefing at the UN Headquaters

What a great day at the United Nations... on April 16, Lou Riccio of CLT presented on the possibilities of educating our children while in the hospital setting. The focus of the presentation was on the tremendous value of Child Life and our obligation to support the mission. Click here to download the event program, CLT presentation and transcript.

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YAI conference in NYC​

Exciting news on the tech workshops! demand has been high and we are working out several ideas on how to bring you more of them in convenient locations. Stay tuned as we will be making an announcement shortly after next week's CLC conference. If you missed our workshop at last week's YAI conference in NYC, it's not too late to attend next week in Cincinnati while you are at the annual conference.

Child Life Technology Documentation

Details on the objectives, status and guidance from key projects implemented in the field to demonstrate the value of integrating technology within the child life practice.

Regional Conference Tours

Child Life Technology volunteers will be presenting exciting ideas toward assisting local child life specialists creatively integrate technology within their practice. Supplemental intensive workshops will accompany presentations where indicated. Please come out to meet us and share your needs and ideas at these  regional child life conferences… links provided to direct you to registration and additional information: 

New England Child Life Professionals (NECLP) on October 19th at the Hole in the World Gang Camp in CT

Great Lakes Association of Child Life Professionals (GLACLP) on October 24th, at Akron Children’s Hospital 

Child Life of Greater New York (CLGNY) on November 9th, in the heart of New York City 

Special Olympics World Summer Games Flame of Hope

Lou Riccio, accompanied by special preschool children and their parents from YAI's NY League Roosevelt School carrying the Flame of Hope down NY's historic Times Square welcoming the world for the Special Olympics World Summer Games taking place this July in Los Angeles. Victor Calise, Commissioner of NY City Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, was also present celebrating from within our group championed by Bank of America. We thank Bank of America for their continued dedication to helping the Special Olympics and other champions advocating for people with disabilities.

Guidance from experience gained in the field so that you may more easily integrate technology within your respective health care practice.

Child Life Technology is a network of volunteers focusing  on supporting the application of technology within the child life practice. Our aim is to work closely through the Child Life Council and other organizations directly supporting child life, as well as individual child life specialists resident within each respective hospital, as they are in the best position to manage the appropriate services for pediatric patients. The end objectives are to alleviate anxiety, provide distraction from pain, and enable a platform of education, entertainment, escape, and companionship through communications, to as many children in need as possible. By partnering with caring and experienced child life practitioner , we are best positioned to administer the most relevant and beneficial programs offering the greatest possibility of success

A brief introduction to volunteers on our team from the technology and health care professions